Port Tampa Bay partners with Florida-based business continuity firmMonday, January 26 2015

TAMPA, Fla.— Port Tampa Bay announces that it has selected the Winter Haven, Fla.-based firm Protected Trust to maintain its flow of business operations in the event of any disaster, such as a hurricane. The partnership with Protected Trust is a concerted effort on behalf of the port authority to ensure workforce business continuity, a key specialty of the firm, which also handles a wide range of IT security solutions for its diverse and international client base.

With its location in Central Florida, 168 feet above sea level, Protected Trust offers secure, storm-resistant disaster recovery facilities, as well as a host of amenities including fiber optics, energy resources, office infrastructure, and information technology to support data storage, processing and communications. There is even on-site temporary lodging.

Port Tampa Bay, the state’s largest and most diversified seaport, is characterized by unique security and logistics challenges because of its sprawling size and complicated business mix, from bulk and general cargoes to cruise activity, ship repair, and on-site manufacturing. In its overall plan for recovery and business continuity, the port authority must also collaborate with its key partners to protect its many critical assets. Working with Protected Trust will help to synthesize these efforts.

“It is extremely important for the port to effectively manage its assets and business operations smoothly, particularly during crisis times and heavy weather events,” Paul Anderson, Port Tampa Bay president and CEO, said. “Working hand in hand with Protected Trust, which offers many critical benefits, we will have a process in place that will ensure our business operations will continue effectively in an interim situation.”

About the Port Tampa Bay

Port Tampa Bay is the largest economic engine in west central Florida, supporting nearly 80,000 jobs and generating almost $15 billion in annual economic impact. The port handles a wide array of bulk, break bulk, containers and roll-on/roll-off cargoes, and is a top ten cruise homeport and shipbuilding and repair center. The port was recently voted “Simply the Best” for world-class customer service in a Logistics Management Magazine reader poll.

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