Inland Fiber and Data (IF&D) is owned and operated by the 6/10 Corporation (6/10). Formed in 1985, 6/10 is a private equity investment firm with a portfolio that includes a number of technology companies as well as commercial properties encompassing offices buildings, carrier-grade telecommunication facilities, data centers and, industrial facilities.

IF&D, and its parent company 6/10, maintains a high level of corporate diversification, financial strength, and scalability allowing them considerable latitude in offering competitive and guaranteed data center, telecommunications, and managed services.

IF&D operates within a Tier III/IV facility originally constructed in 1975 as part of a joint venture between AT&T and General Telephone Electric with a total building gross area of approximately 186,000 square feet situated on 1.15 acres. IF&D data center facilities reside on multiple floors within the main building – designed with the needs of data center, disaster recovery, and mission critical systems in mind. The fourth and fifth floors of the building offer common lobby and meeting areas, secured Wi-Fi access, business center, shared office space, kitchen and break room, and the optional alternate workspace facilities offered by the Florida Business Continuity Center.